Know the group history .

It has not been easy, but little by little, we have achieved it.
In 2000, Tony Baldo arrives in Miami with a goal, start a new business. 19 years have passed (2019) and now is when we can finally say that the 786 Group is consolidating. He started with, party leader in Miami for more than 8 years. Zeus Webmaster always accompanied him, being the group support for many years. Then it started with Hurbania, which was initially an online store and nowadays is the company that manages our servers. Then, 786.Marketing is born and from it, the rest of the group companies.

Website development


The oldest company in the group, responsible for designing web pages and mobile apps.
  • Basic websites for restaurants.
  • Webs with credit card processors
  • Shopping carts


Although initially it was an online store, the group owned domain fell into disuse and started to be used for web hosting.
  • 4 linked servers.
  • Security systems
  • Servers maintenance


Apollo Sign & Print

In 2016, we ventured into the printing business, and now we have one of the most modern print shops on the west coast.
  • Printing on any kind of paper
  • Handling specialized inks such as metal
  • Exclusive and unique products


One of the main headquarters of 786 Group is in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. There it is “Yo Amo Barquisimeto.”
  • Daily check about what happens in Barquisimeto
  • Daily update
  • Tourist and recreational information in the city


With more than 10 years in the industry, 786 Promotionals is an exemplary figure in terms of promotional material..
  • Uniforms
  • Promotional material
  • Awards and trophies


Academia 786

This is one of the newest group projects, it is still under construction.
  • Online courses
  • Face-to-face courses
  • Different courses not only from the marketing area, but from different ones


Although at one point it worked, right now it’s under reconstruction.
  • Shipping to the United States
  • Phone service 100 % in Spanish
  • It is the only online store in the USA dedicated to the Hispanic market


Initially, this was the 786.Marketing blog, but it became a magazine with independent editorial content.
  • Daily update
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Fully bilingual


786 Marketing

Perhaps the most popular of the group’s companies; the branches of 786.Marketing are the head of the group.
  • Branches in Miami, Atlanta, Mexico, Lima, Barquisimeto and soon Madrid.
  • Digital marketing and blogging
  • Digital market research and social network setup