Everything start as a dream

AND little by little everything become a reality

Our first two brands were ZeusWebmaster and Trasnocho.com. And we been growing since then every year. With ZeusWebmaster we create more than one web page per month. And Trasnocho become the #1 entertainment in America.


A group of companies dedicated to their organization.

When we started our group of companies, we thought about growing focused on products and services, always related in one way or another.

The 786 Group history begins with Tony Baldo’s arrival to Miami in 2000. He started with trasnocho.com, the number one event magazine in Miami. Then there was Zeus Webmaster, PerfumateX, 786.Marketing, Apollo Sign and Printing, YoAmoBQTO, YAB HUB and 786 Digital Broadcast.

In the last 4 years, we have gone from having 4 to 83 employees around the world. And branches in several cities that include Mexico City (Mexico), Barquisimeto (Venezuela), Atlanta (USA), Tampa (USA), Lima (Peru), Miami (USA), Doral (USA), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Puerto Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) and very soon we will open operations in Bogota (Colombia) and Madrid (Spain).

Our Office.


786 Marketing Miami

Our Companies

The 786 Group is a conglomerate of several companies, here are some of them.

Tony Baldo

CEO - Founder

“It has been the best years of my life, along with an unprecedented team. At 786 Group we are a family, we have all grown, our collaborators and our clients. I have clients who have been with us for 18 years, and I am proud to see their evolution.”

Aidnes Sánchez

Associate Content Director

"When I joined the group, I did it as a blogger. Nowadays I manage maybe ⅕ of the company. I have several divisions in my charge, and most importantly, I have evolved with the company and grown as a manager."